The Sleeping Lady

Taste, Tunes, and Togetherness

Hello there, beautiful souls!

The Sleeping Lady Cafe

Welcome to the tribute website of the Sleeping Lady Cafe — a place where the flavors dance on your tongue, the music speaks directly to your heart, and every corner is filled with the spirit of community and love. 

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Fairfax, California, the Sleeping Lady wasn’t just a groundbreaking vegetarian café; it was a sanctuary for the soul, a hotspot for the grooviest tunes, and a haven for the most delightful vegetarian delights this side of the ’70s. And while it closed in 1984, we’re here to keep the dream alive.

Why Vegetarian?

Sustainability and Biodiversity

Adopting a vegetarian diet can significantly reduce one’s carbon footprint, conserve water, and decrease soil erosion.

Vegetarianism supports biodiversity and can help mitigate the loss of habitats caused by clearing land for livestock. 

A Community Woven Together

More than anything, the Sleeping Lady Cafe was a communal space where friendships were formed over steaming cups of herbal tea, where love stories unfolded in dimly lit corners, and where the spirit of free love and unity was alive and well. We were more than just patrons and staff; we were a family, united by our love for great food and music.

Dive Into the Legacy

Whether you’re here to feast on the tales from the past, sway to the rhythm of yesteryears, or find inspiration for your next vegetarian meal, you’ve come to the right place. Join us in preserving the legacy, and reliving the magic through the stories, recipes, and the melodies that made the Sleeping Lady Cafe the legend it continues to be today.

Explore "The Sleeping Lady Cafe Cookbook," where each recipe is a melody, and every page turn is a step back in time.

Got a tale or two about the SLC? We're all ears! Share your stories and become part of the legend.

Whether from the original recipe or your kitchen we are looking for recipe testers and vegetarian recipes.

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