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Join the monthly Bake-In webinars, the reunion event in October and share memories via the website. If you have fond memories or favorite vegetarian recipes from the original Sleeping Lady Cafe or your own kitchen, we’d love to hear from you. This is your space to share the flavors and stories that make our vegetarian community vibrant. 

Join us, contribute, and inspire others with your culinary adventures and cafe tales. Your story or recipe may even appear in our newsletter!

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Dive into the heart of our community by participating in our reunion events, where old friends meet and new connections bloom.

Join our monthly bake-ins to whip up some vegetarian delights, share your own recipes, and swap stories that keep the spirit of our gatherings alive.

Monthly "Bake-Ins": Cooking Webinars

Past event: Sunrise Breakfast: April 21, 2024

Experience the joy of morning flavors at our Sunrise Breakfast. Gather to craft vibrant vegetarian breakfast tacos, choosing from fillings like fluffy scrambled tofu, fresh sautéed vegetables, and zesty homemade salsa. This interactive webinar invites you to share your cherished morning rituals and breakfast stories, all set to a soundtrack of calming, easy-going tunes. Connect with fellow early birds and breakfast enthusiasts as we bring our morning feast to life together.

Past event: Garden Picnic: May 26, 2024

Welcome the warm embrace of spring with a Garden Picnic. Prepare a simple spinach and strawberry salad that’s perfect for any outdoor feast. As we toss fresh greens with sweet strawberries, we’ll share our favorite picnic spots and summer plans. This session is an opportunity to enjoy the company of like-minded picnic lovers and plan your next outdoor adventure, all while enjoying light, breezy music that complements our fresh and light culinary creation.

Past event: Muhammara Dip: May 30, 2024

Muhammara Dip is a delicious blend of roasted red peppers, walnuts, and spices. This vegetarian dip is not only flavorful but also packed with nutrients. Perfect for dipping with breads or fresh vegetables, this dip will be the star of any gathering. Learn how to make this simple yet exotic dish, share your culinary insights, and enjoy a selection of complementary light music during our interactive session.

Veggie Chili: August 25, 2024

Gather around the virtual fireside for an evening of comfort. We’ll cook up a hearty pot of vegetarian chili, perfect for cozy summer evenings. As our chili simmers, filled with rich flavors and wholesome ingredients, we’ll share our beloved comfort food memories and the tunes that soothe our souls. This webinar is a chance to revel in the warmth of good food and great company, making it an ideal retreat from the everyday hustle.

Tropical Fruit Bowls: July 28, 2024

Escape to a tropical paradise with our Tropical Treats Retreat. Create luscious tropical fruit smoothie bowls, adorned with a variety of nuts, seeds, and vibrant tropical fruits. Discuss your favorite tropical destinations as we blend up these nutritious, indulgent treats. It's a perfect mix of relaxation and engagement, inviting you to recreate the flavors of the tropics from the comfort of your home.

Roasted Salad: September 29, 2024

We’ll prepare a rustic roasted vegetable and quinoa salad that embodies the heartiness of the harvest. This webinar is a great opportunity to discuss autumnal traditions, vegetarian tips and tricks for preserving the vibrant flavors of summer. Engage with fellow food enthusiasts and share stories of your own harvest experiences, that complement the earthy, robust flavors of of this dish.

Bake-In webinars are free of charge. Show up with the provided ingredients needed to make the recipes and follow along during the webinar. Event updates appear in the Cafe Chronicles newsletter. Register here.