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Guidelines for Submission

Before you whisk away to write, here are a few sprinkles of guidance to ensure your recipe finds its way home:

The Story Behind the Dish: Every recipe has a tale, and we want to hear yours. Share the origin, inspiration, or any memorable moments related to your recipe. Did it spark from a night of musical revelry at the Sleeping Lady? Or perhaps it’s been passed down through generations? Let us know!

Health and Happiness: In the spirit of the Sleeping Lady, we encourage submissions that reflect our love for wholesome, vegetarian fare. While all recipes are vegetarian, some are vegan or have vegan versions.

Photos: A picture is worth a thousand bites! Feel free to include photos of your dish that we might share with the community.

A Call to All Kitchen Magicians

The essence of the Sleeping Lady Cafe was never just in the food served but in the stories, love, and history baked into every bite. As we continue to celebrate and share these legendary flavors, we invite you, our extended family of dreamers and doers, to contribute your own recipes to this ever-growing tapestry of taste, be those from the original cafe or from your own kitchen.