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Your Sleeping Lady Cafe Stories

The Sleeping Lady Cafe was more than a place; it was a moment in time, a space where the free-spirited, the dreamers, and the rebels came together to create a tapestry of unforgettable memories. It was where music filled the air, where vegetarian cuisine was not just food but a form of art, and where every person who walked through its doors became part of the family. Now, we’re opening the floor to you, our beloved community, to share your stories and memories of the Sleeping Lady.

Guidelines for Story Submission

Required Fields: Please include your name, contact information, and your story title. We want to ensure every tale is credited to its rightful storyteller.

Original Sleeping Lady Stories: Whether it’s a short anecdote, a heartfelt tale, or a reflective piece, we’re looking for stories that breathe life into the legend of the Sleeping Lady Cafe. 

Audio and Video Memories: Got an old recording of a performance at the Sleeping Lady or a video that captures the cafe’s spirit? We’d love to see and hear it. Please provide web links or YouTube links to your audio or video files.

Photos: If you have photographs that encapsulate your story or simply snapshots of good times at the Sleeping Lady, we encourage you to include them with your submission.

A Mosaic of Memories

Use the form to contribute your memories to the story of the original Sleeping Lady Cafe (open from 1972 - 1984). Let's continue to celebrate the legacy of the Sleeping Lady Cafe together, one story at a time. Your stories are a bridge between past and future, a testament to the power of a place that was much more than the sum of its parts.