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Cafe Chronicles

Hey there, radiant soul! Are you craving a blast from the past and revisiting the food and music?

Cafe Chronicles is your exclusive (upstairs 😉) backstage pass to all the groovy happenings at the Sleeping Lady. Dive into our monthly dispatch as we bring you the echo of guitars, the sizzle of legendary veggie burgers, and the buzz of our lively events. We’re serving up a feast of updates, letting you in on secret recipes, special events, and the community vibes. Join us as we keep the spirit and stories of Fairfax’s most beloved café alive right in your inbox. Let’s keep the magic alive!

Why tune in?

Exclusive Updates

Be the first to know about reunion events, cookbook sneak peeks, and special gatherings that celebrate the spirit of the SLC

Tales from the Café

Immerse yourself in stories of music, love, and culinary magic that defined the Sleeping Lady Cafe and inspired a generation

Recipe Revelations

Get your hands on cherished recipes from the SLC cookbook and discover modern twists on classics to recreate the magic in your kitchen

Community Connections

Join a community of dreamers and doers, where every newsletter feels like coming home.

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